Wellness Team

Through generous donations to the

Foundation for University Hospital, we have been able to help the University Hospital Community Affairs Department organize nightly dinners for all the hardworking hospital staff and to offer delicious meals from some of our favorite local restaurants in Newark!

Wellness Spaces

Volunteers are needed to create and maintain “wellness spaces” directly adjacent to active COVID units at University Hospital. These “wellness spaces” will serve as a respite for exhausted HCWs by enabling them to quickly gain access to coffee, snacks and a comfortable place to rest.

Organizers: Christopher Hogge and Christian Suri

Meals for UH

Volunteers are needed to help setup and distribute daily breakfast and dinners for UH staff. Meeting times are 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Shifts are ~1.5 hours. Even 1 night a week would be a huge help.

Organizers: Annie Yang and Viren Lad


Music/Art Therapy

Vocal Chords Instagram

Organizer: Grace Ro (MS-3)

Appreciation Video Montages

Organizer:  Grace Ro (MS-3)

Virtual Song Cover 

Organizer: Grace Ro (MS-3) & Jack Reep (MS-3)

Physical Health

Live Yoga Sessions

Organizer: Raagni Kumar (MS-3)

Social Distancing Running

Organizer: Rich Wolferz (MS-4) & Jack Reep (MS-3)

HIIT/Fitness Class

Organizer: Nicole Rynecki (MS-4) & Tara Gadde (MS-3)

Live Culinary Sessions

Organizer: Rich Wolferz (MS-4)

Mental Health

Student Wellness Hotline

Organizers: Anna Sheen (MS-3) and Dr. Cheryl Kennedy

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Organizer: Dr. Sarah Karl