You've been training for this.

Our response to COVID-19 is organized into the following five domains.

We are recruiting student volunteers to help provide childcare & household support for the healthcare workers who are on the frontlines battling this unprecedented global pandemic. To maximize safety and social distancing, students are paired with providers based on geographic location.

Student volunteers are organized into one of three teams: soliciting donations of PPE from local businesses, building PPE from 3D printed materials, and sewing teams. 

We are recruiting volunteers to support the well-being of faculty, staff, residents and students through a diverse array of projects such as: arranging relaxation spaces within the hospital stocked with healthy snacks (and morale-boosting posters & art), coordinating food deliveries to University Hospital, virtual workout sessions, cook along live video sessions, appreciation video montages, puppy therapy sessions, and manning the Student Wellness Hotline.

We are recruiting students to aid in food distribution, remote tutoring of children, and educating the community. Please click here to learn more about our efforts.

We are recruiting NJMS students to engage in on-site (direct patient contact) as well as off-site (telemedicine) clinical work. On-site clinical volunteering is coordinated with the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Education & the Office of Stuent Health Services per LCME guidelines.