Health Care Workers

Students supporting you.

It takes a village! We are excited to help out our healthcare team however we can. Thank you for being on the front lines. While you’re focused on patients, we’d love to help you with your family and errands during this time.

We are currently only able to offer support to healthcare workers of  Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences. This includes non-faculty members employed by University Physician Associates.

Safety Precautions

In accordance with social isolation measures, we will connect you to a couple of volunteer students who live nearby. At that point you can coordinate logistical details with the students.

100% Volunteers

Please note that not all of our student volunteers may be certified childcare providers and these services are not endorsed by or provided in association with Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences. It takes a village! We are excited to help find a perfect match that will suit both you and your children’s individual needs. Thank you for being on the front lines!

How It Works

Health care workers request help.

Health care workers fill out our form and our team tries to match a student for their specific needs.

Students sign up to help.

Students sign up using our form, upload their student ID, and our team will reach out to them and match them appropriately.

A match is made and students help!

A NJMS Student Covid Team member approves applications,and students are connected with a family to start helping right away.